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Benefits And Information 

Whoopzie Biocellulose Eye Mask


Advantages in Depth

The innovative Whoopzie Biocellulose Eye Mask features Evo Phancie's patented hybrid cellulose membrane. With a dual-layered fibrous structure, it offers exceptional penetration, lifting, firming, and fortification of the skin barrier.


Targetting eye bag, dark circle and fine lines

Centered on revitalizing the area beneath the eyes, particular attention is given to combatting issues like eye bags, dark circles, and fine lines, ensuring a comprehensive approach to under-eye enhancement.


Age - defying

Our eye repair cream stands out by preventing milia seeds, setting it apart from other products, ensuring a clear and smooth complexion.


Tons of vitamins

Packed with vitamins, our formula provides age-defying and nourishing ingredients to parched skin, revitalizing and replenishing for comprehensive care.


Moisture rich properties

Our cutting-edge solution acts like a second skin, ensuring comfortable application while enhancing active ingredient penetration.


4 Different peptides


Enriched with a potent blend of four distinct peptides, our formula offers advanced rejuvenation and targeted skin enhancement.


Fragrance free, mineral oil free, silicone free

Our formulation, free from fragrance, mineral oil, and silicone, ensures pure and effective skincare, embracing your skin's natural beauty.


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